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a brilliant world of black & white

12 June 1990
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I N   A   W O R L D   O F   B L A C K   &   W H I T E
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A girl who seemingly has no life. Goes by the name of Ciel these days (previously Alice). Is a boring person in general. Rather enjoys graphics, and likes to believe she is decent at singing. Extremely random, be prepared.
mon·o·chrome [mon-uh-krohm] -noun
a black & white image, such as photography or television, or a single shade of colour.
chro·ma [kroh-muh] -noun
the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray.

mon·o·chro·ma [mon-uh-kroh-muh] -wtf
proper: the purity of a single colour.
unproper: an oxymoron to pwn all other oxymorons.
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This journal is currently locked, and friending is invitation only. I do not intend to do friending memes or friends cuts - all friends are truly valued as friends. I'm probably not cool enough to be an extra addition to your friendslist anyway.