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31st-Dec-2020 05:09 am - this is a public lockdown.
shut the #@&! you @)*$#*&$ @#&(@!!
get lost.
ガゼット - 千鶴
30th-May-2009 03:12 pm - Dreamwidth codes~
I have two Dreamwidth codes, in case anyone's interested XD. Post your email and I'll send it your way ♥

Also, I'll probably be cross-posting my more relevant/normal entries from Dreamwidth to here, so those without one, I won't be abandoningzz you :D!! Even if I think I like DW better just because it's pink
I'll probably attack NEWS songs next, knowing me, and lol, it'd be easier because I know NEWS' voices really well XDD. There are probably correct romanisations of this song online, really, but I totally get so bored when my internet is down (and I tend to keep kanji lyrics of songs I want to sing because most romanisations are wrong so I kind of do it myself or read from the kanji). Colour coding by member is extremely entertaining and a great waste of time 8D. Jaejoong hogs lines as usual (he even hogs the choruses whut), and Yunho was amazingly marginalised in this song too - he only gets to sing harmonies for most part, lmao! Poor rapperkid 8D.

And uh, sorry for spamming f-list with this stuff lmao. Errrr, any romanisation/colour coding requests from anyone 8D? Whether you want to sing it, or you're just curious like fuck, I don't really care 8DDD. Please halp seriously my next project is Your Seed by H!S!J at this rate if no one gives me things to code/romanise ;_;

THSK - Love in the Ice (colour coded romanised lyrics)Collapse )
When Alice is bored, she romanises Japanese lyrics. When she's even MORE bored, she colour codes them. Well no, not usually, BUT I WANTED TO SEE IF I WAS ANY GOOD AT THIS COLOUR CODING BY MEMBER THING XDD. Anyone want to correct me on stuff? BTW. I have no idea what Yunho's voice sounds like, because I tend to tune out when it's him, so...I just coded any "idk who this is so er yeah" as him XD.

Also, public entry is public - I figured this page was throw-aroundable 8D;;.

THSK - DARKNESS EYES (colour coded romanised lyrics)Collapse )

Title: Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume
Mangaka: Matsuzuki Kou
Genre: Shoujo
Sypnosis: (from aerandria)
Takamura Uru takes her mother’s remarriage as an opportunity to strikeout on her own and begin a part time job. Filled with the thought of“If only I could make someone happy…”, she begins working at CaféBohneur, a shop famous for cakes; but the employees, Ichirou-kun and Shindou-san, turn out to be incredibly unsociable. These two, though frightening at first glance, begin to change something inside of her.This is the start of a romance about Uru’s search for happiness.

scanlations behind the cutCollapse )

These scanlations were meant to be as speedy as possible, therefore resulting in omissions of things such as sound effects and some irrelevant random muttering. If you want the real deal, then wait for Aerandria's scans.
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